Dr Peter Molan MBE

On 1st April 2014 Dr Peter Molan retired from the University of Waikato after 41 years there as a lecturer. He held the positions of Professor in Biological Sciences and Director of the Honey Research Unit.

His qualifications are in Biochemistry, but the research work in his career has spanned a wide range of topics related to human and animal health (see his CV for details). For the past three decades his research work has been primarily on the use of honey as a medicine. This interest developed after discovering that manuka honey has an unusual type of antibacterial activity that makes it especially effective in treating infections. It has led into research on the usage of honey to heal wounds, and the development of honey-based materials for use as wound dressings.

Details of Dr Molan’s research work on honey and the knowledge he has accumulated about honey as a medicine have been made available for the general public, in easily understood language, on an independent academic website.

Dr Molan is a very experienced educator, and has a passion for explaining science to people. He has given a very large number of lectures to groups in the community, and has given hundreds of interviews for newspapers, magazines and radio and TV stations around the world. He has been an invited keynote speaker at many international conferences on wound treatment and on honey.

Having retired from his university position, Dr Molan is now free to undertake work for companies which may be interested in using his expertise, knowledge and experience to educate potential users about health-promoting aspects of the companies' products, devise strategies of marketing products based on science, develop new products, and commission and evaluate research to support the development and marketing of products. Some examples of consultancy work that has been done can be viewed.

Dr Molan lives in Hamilton, New Zealand. He can be contacted by e-mail <pmolan@vodafone.co.nz> or telephone (+64  7  843 4344).