Invited and sponsored presentations by Dr Peter Molan at conferences

Dr Peter Molan has been a keynote speaker at many international conferences, invited because of his expert knowledge of the therapeutic properties of honey and the usage of honey in wound care. In some of these instances Dr Molan’s attendance the conference was facilitated for the conference organisers by the expenses of Dr Molan’s travel being covered by sponsorship provided by companies selling honey products.

Some examples of conference presentations are:

  • "Establishing honey as a recognised medicine”, at the Apimondia Congress, Vancouver, Canada (1999)
  • "Honey use in wound care”, at the State Conference of the New South Wales Wound Care Society, Woolongong, Australia (2001)
  • "The potential of honey for treatment and prevention of periodontal disease”, at the 8th International Meeting of the International Academy of Periodontology, Auckland, New Zealand (2001)
  • "The nutraceutical properties of honey”, at the Health Ingredients Japan Show & Conference, Tokyo (2002)
  • "Using honey to control infection and enhance wound healing”, at the conference of the ACT Wound Management Association and the ACT Infection Control Association, Canberra, Australia (2004)
  • “Medicinal honey in wound care: traditional & contemporary clinical applications”, at the Medical & Health Care Fair, Hong Kong (2006)
  • “Honey and medicine: past, present and future”, the opening lecture at the 1st International Conference on the Medicinal Uses of Honey, Malaysia (2006)
  • “Manuka honey for the treatment and prevention of antibiotic-resistant infections in wounds and catheter exit sites”, at the Nursing Symposium at the Infection Control Conference, Dubai (2006)
  • “Therapeutic uses of honey”, also “Treating wounds with honey”, at the 1st International Forum on Apitherapy, Athens, Greece (2006)
  • “Why manuka honey is so effective in healing wounds”, at the Satellite Symposium on Honey at the 17th Conference of the European Wound Management Association, Glasgow, UK (2007)
  • “Wound care: a novel natural remedy” - a paper presented by invitation at the 3rd International Congress of the Asia Pacific Society of Infection Control, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (2007)
  • “Honey: a modernised ancient wound dressing with a diversity of potential uses”, at the 10th  National Conference of the Australian Wound Management Association, Darwin, Australia (2008)