Examples of past work of consultancy nature done by Dr Peter Molan

Dr Molan has participated in the production of educational videos about the health-promoting properties of manuka honey, for Happy Valley Ltd  and for Manuka Health New Zealand Ltd. These videos can be viewed on YouTube:
Dr Molan has also participated in the production of an educational video about using manuka honey for wound-care, for Manuka Health New Zealand Ltd. This video can be viewed on YouTube, in six parts:

A lecture was given as a 'webinar' for Blackmores animal health products in Australia, to teach veterinarians about the benefits of using manuka honey in wound care.

Assistance has been given to the PR company working for the National Honey Board of the USA, preparing press releases to inform the public about research demonstrating health benefits of honey.

Scientific advice has been given to several companies in patent challenges, and expert scientific evidence has been given in some of these cases.

Scientific advice to lawyers and expert scientific evidence in various civil court cases has been given.

Information on relevant research in the published literature was provided for Advancis Medical to enable the company to get a ‘CE Mark’ for their manuka honey wound dressings and get these dressings listed in the Drug Tariff of the UK National health Service, and was provided for Derma Sciences to enable the company to get their manuka honey wound dressings registered with the FDA.

Advice was given to ManukaMed to assist with the development of their ManukaHD super-absorbent wound dressing.

An an industrial-scale process was devised for the Tatua Dairy Company for isolating and purifying from milk the antibacterial proteins lactoferrin and lactoperoxidase.

A lecture tour was undertaken for Advancis Medical (manufacturers of manuka honey wound dressings in the UK), presenting a lecture on “How honey works in wound care” to specialist wound care nurses in the South Midlands, the North-east Midlands, the Liverpool region, to the School of Nursing at Huddersfield University, and to medical staff at the Royal Liverpool Teaching Hospital; also a lecture on ”The potential of honey in veterinary wound care” at the Veterinary School of the University of Bristol.